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Spring Camporee '06

"Boy Scout Basics"

The Unaka District Camporee will be held May 5 7, 2006 at the old Browder Farm near Sweetwater.  The farm is located on Highway 11 just south of Sweetwater and near the McMinn Monroe County Line. 

        There are several ponds on the farm however; scouts should not be near them unless accompanied by an adult leader. 

        Fire pits will be allowed with all sod to be replaced before departure.  It is highly recommended that each troop bring their own wood.

        There will be two Port-a-potties for our use

        Drink water will also be available

Cost for the camporee will be $6.00 for youth and $ 4.00 for adults to be collected at the Cracker Barrel on Friday night.  Cub Scouts will have their Gold Rush activity and will need to pay $1.00 for one day (Saturday) and will receive a patch for attending.



*Friday, May 5, 2006*


SPL & Adult Leader Meeting / Cracker Barrel 


Taps, Camp is Quiet


*Saturday, May 6, 2006*


Reveille, breakfast 


Assembly, Opening Flag - Hosted by Troop 10


Final Instructions Event and Activities Judges Meeting


Events and Activities begin 


Events and Activities end for the morning - Break for Lunch


Second round of Events and Activities begins


Events and Activities END 


Judging for Patrol cooking contest


Closing Flag - Hosted by


Camporee Awards and Skits 


OA Campfire and Call out


Campfire Vespers 


Taps, Camp is quiet 


*Sunday, May 7, 2006*


Reveille, Breakfast. break camp


Opening Flag - Hosted by


Scouts Duty to God Service


Camp wide Service project (Litter Sweep in all program areas)


Everyone must be gone


1. FIRE BUILDING (Troop 315)

Entire Patrol participates. Judge will give the patrol leader 2 matches or flint & steel.  A provided container filled one half full of water containing one heaping tablespoon of detergent. Object is to boil the water until soap suds boil over the top of the can using only native materials to build fire. Time will be called the second the suds boil over the top of the can. 

SCORING: Event will be timed.


 2. TUG OF WAR (Troop 616)

Equipment: A 3/4 inch rope, 30 or 40 feet in length.

Action: Place an adhesive tape marker around the center of the rope. Draw a divider line on the ground and directly under the tape mark on the rope. On each side of the divider line and 6 feet from it, mark another line on the ground. Each 4 scout team must be made up of one Patrol Leader, one new scout, one scout less than 100 lbs, one older scout.   The patrol that pulls the marker over the line two out of three pulls is the winner of a match.

SCORING: Matches will be "pulled" until winners are determined.


Full Patrol participates, the judge furnishing 4 wooden staves, of a 6 foot length, 1 pole with Patrol Flag attached, 6 pieces of lashing cord, 3 guy lines about 30 feet long, 3 wooden stakes, a hand ax for driving stakes...no notching allowed on staves. Patrols line up with equipment in front of them...upon starting signal, they lash four staves together with Patrol Flag on top staff to form a pole approximately 20 feet long. Then attach guy lines to the pole approximately three quarters (15'+/-) from ground. Then the flag pole is raised and secured to the stakes in the ground. The pole must remain standing for at least one (1) minute.

SCORING: The fastest time wins. Thirty seconds will be added to the time for each knot or lash which fails to hold or is improperly tied/lashed. In case of a tie the patrols will be called back at the end of the day to break the tie. 


The following 10 knots will be tied under actual, usable conditions:

            bowline                     square knot                     two half hitches

            fisherman's knot         taut-line hitch                 sheet bend

            sheepshank               timber hitch                   clove hitch

            slip knot

Entire patrol participates lined up in relay style. On judge's signal, first Scout runs back (judge will announce next knot before next Scout is tagged), and tags next Scout who follows same procedure, then to next Scout, etc., until all 10 knots are tied. If a Scout ties a knot improperly or does not know the knot, the judge will declare one miss and direct the next Scout to run forward. Five minute time limit.

SCORING: A timed event. There will be a 15 sec. penalty for each incorrect knot.


Scout will be asked to identify map symbols on a quadrangle map furnished by the judges (U.S. Engineers or Coast and Geodetic survey). Symbols will be circled or there will be flash cards. Each member of the patrol must identify at least one symbol. No coaching by other members of the patrol. Patrols with less than eight (8) members will use some members twice. Symbols such as the following will be used: (REF: SCOUT HAND BOOK)

                church                                building                       marsh

                railroad                               cemetery                     woodland

                bridge                                 power line                    road

                small stream                       school                          scale

                contour line                         magnetic north

SCORING: The most correct answers in the least amount of time wins.

6. This year Troops will compete for a separate Pioneering competition and award(s) for the best Gateway / Camp Gadget(s) / Tower / Device. Each Troop will have an opportunity to show creativity, teamwork, and skills in constructing a Pioneering Project. We will be judging this event Saturday.

7. Cracked Skillet This will be a meat dish prepared on an open fire.  Dishes will be judged on appearance and taste.

For more information on this camporee, contact Mike Stephens in Troop 10 (423) 442-2045.

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