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Popcorn 2008

Fall 2008

Sep-22 to Nov-2 Official Sale time
October 6-12  Blitz Week- Scouts are trying to sell as much popcorn as possible this week, there are special prizes for this weeks sales.
Oct 13 Deadline for ONLY Blitz Week sales.  This is so the District can awards the prizes for the weeks sales
Nov 5 All popcorn and prize order forms need to be turned in today.  Faxes to 865-588-3728 or hand delivered.  You may also input all order through the Trails-end online ordering program.  Return any popcorn you haven't sold from the Show and Sell dates, for credit, and pay for what you've sold.
Nov 14th or 15th Popcorn Distribution day
Nov 15th until finished Deliver popcorn and collect money
Dec-11 All money is due to Council

Newly charterd units are allowed to sell until November 29th.  If you want to pursue the Nov 29th deadline please contact Bruce at the Council office.  

On-Line Ordering.
Also, there was some questions about the on-line ordering.  It is meant to be an option for out of state, or out of country friends and family, not the only way to order.  It works well for people that cannot see the brochure that we have.  I already have a company in Kentucky interested in ordering popcorn to give out for Christmas gifts to clients.  Hopefully other companies will take advantage of this for us!

Unaka Popcorn Kernels.  


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