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October 13, 2005

Dear Cub Scout Leader:

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous fall weather!!!   I love this time of year!    

Our first Cub Scout sponsored BIKE RODEO was small but successful, with good facilities and program!!    Thanks to Roy Johnson and Pack 74 for their efforts!!!   Approximately      Scouts and family members skated the night away at our recent Skate night, always a popular and well-attended event..     

Our next major district event is just around the corner!!  Our "CUB SCOUT OLYMPICS" is set for Saturday, October 29th, beginning with registration ($1.00 per Scout!) at 12:00 noon, and the event itself at 12:30 p.m., at Ingleside School in Athens.  Click here for a map from MapQuest.

Please don’t forget that each pack has an assigned duty, whether a station, registration, or food preparation; please, please make sure that you have enough staff ahead of time!!!!

The eight activity and 2 other stations, and the packs responsible for them, will be:

  1. Tennis Ball Toss (Pack 613)
  2. Hula Hoop Competition (Pack 177)
  3. Timed Obstacle Course (Rob Preston)           
  4. Egg Spoon Relay (Pack 527)           
  5. Nail-driving contest (Pack 614)
  6. Penny Cup Toss (Pack 616)
  7. Potato Relay Race (Pack 114)
  8. Three-legged Race (Pack 117)

Two additional stations will be:

   9.  Registration (Pack 100)
   10.  Food preparation/Serving (Pack 74)        

Don’t forget that stations should be set up and ready for play no later than 12:00 noon.   Persons working registration should be present no later than 11:45 a.m.  All registration materials will be provided

            PLEASE REVIEW ALL RULES FROM OUR LAST NEWSLETTER, especially the one about one adult for each boy       

After all the preliminaries, there will be play-offs at each station for each rank, and for overall standings.  When all competition is completed, we will have a family hot dog supper.    Each pack is responsible for providing enough hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips, cookies, drinks, ICE WATER, cups, plates, napkins, and garbage bags for their numbers.  These items will be pooled together at mealtime, and the pack responsible for food preparation will cook the hot dogs and generally prepare the food tables.  Each pack is also asked to bring a large cooler of ice (not a bag of ice!!). 

Medals and trophies will be awarded at the evening's end!!  Please let your people know that this is a long event, generally lasting until dusk.  Please plan to stay the entire time and remember that CLEAN-UP IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY!!!  This is a really fun activity that makes for some great quality time for Scouts and their adult partners--and is one of the most popular of the entire Scouting year.

 Don’t forget to call our INFOLINE number (745-3100, ext. 2470) in case of inclement or questionable weather on that day!!  A little rain simply means that you don a poncho and enjoy the wet outdoors!    A lot of rain or storms means the event is re-scheduled for Sunday, October 30th, starting at 1:00 p.m.   Please don’t forget to wear Cub Scout T-shirts regardless of when this all takes place!!

Our November event is the ever-popular CUB SCOUT BOWLING DAY, set for Saturday, September 19th at Classic Lanes in Athens, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  The cost is $5.00 per person bowling (Cub Scout or Adult or registered den chiefs only—no siblings!), which includes shoe rental and all games.  Sounds like a fun afternoon to me

December is Good Turn month, and participation in local Christmas parades, rather than an organized event.  Each pack is asked to do a good turn of some kind in their community as a sort of Christmas gift to the community.  We’ll discuss this more next month. 

As far as the parades, I encourage all packs to be involved, if only to march or decorate a pick-up truck and ride.  Several packs have earned extra money doing floats, something the boys really enjoy.  I’m listing here the parades I have information about now, so that you have time to at least consider doing this:

  • Thursday, December 1st—Etowah Parade; parade starts at 7:00 p.m.; contact the Etowah Chamber of Commerce at 263-2228 for entry forms and info
  • Sunday, December 4thDecatur Parade; you will need to find out details
  •  Monday, December 5th—Athens Parade; Parade starts at 7:00 p.m.; contact the Athens Chamber of Commerce at 745-0334 for entry forms and info.  The theme this year is “A SEASON OF HOPE”.
  • Tuesday, December 6th--Sweetwater Parade, with no particular theme.  Parade starts at  7:00 p.m., judging at 5:00 p.m.  Contact Harris Lovingood at 337-3740 or Charles Ridenour at 337-6123 for more information.

If you have details on other parades, please let me know as soon as possible and I will include them in our next newsletter

I need to let you know:

  • that our next Roundtable will be Thursday, November 10th  at 7:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall of Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.  Please plan to attend these very informative, helpful and FUN sessions!!
  • that the district "Popcorn Sale" is now underway, with order-taking or simply selling the products in progress.  November 8th is the deadline to turn in your show and sell money or return unsold popcorn, as well as to turn in your popcorn order forms and prize order forms.  You may fax in your order to the council at 865-588-3728.   Pick-up of the products will be at one of two places, depending on the size of the order.  If it is a very large order, pick-up will be at Citizens National Bank, in the back beyond the drive-through windows; if it is a medium order, it will be at Crafters Closet.  Either way, it will be ready for pick up November 18th and 19th.    Your pack’s popcorn chairman should be in contact with Leona Layman at 745-9307 or 462-4024 (cell) about the specific schedule for pick-up and delivery of the product.  All monies must be turned in to Leona by December 8th, at our December Christmas Dinner Roundtable.  Please be reminded that there are extra incentives for packs ordering in full cases only (an extra 15 cents to go into the pack’s council account!). 
  • that you need to call me one week before any Roundtable if you would like something of interest to Scouters added to our monthly newsletter!!
  • that Steve Neill with “Woodmen of the World” insurance agency will provide your pack with an American flag upon request.  If you are interested, please call Steve at 745-5743 and simply request this service.  Steve is most generous with these flags, and has been supportive of our efforts for many years!!
  • that we are having a patch design contest for a new district patch!!   This is the patch around which we place the segments you buy for the different events.    Rules for the contest will be handed out at the Olympics and the next Roundtable, but generally know that the deadline is December 8th, at our Roundtable/Potluck dinner.   In order to just order the patches, we must have some money and the plan is to take pre-paid orders.  What we are asking your pack to do is collect $2 from each of your Cub Scouts, Tigers to Webelos, toward the cost of a new district patch.   Depending on the final cost of the patches, they may be completely paid for with that amount, or they may owe a little more.   Please encourage your Cubs to work hard to have another nice district patch!!
  •  that Pack 613 is planning a trip to the Lost Sea on Friday, November 11th.   Cost will be $22 per person if there are 19 or less participating, $20 per person if there are 20 or more.  Supper and breakfast are available also at an additional cost of $4.50 each, but must be pre-ordered and have a minimum of 12 eating.   If you plan to eat supper there, you would need to arrive at 5:00 p.m.; if not, plan to arrive at 6:00 p.m.; everybody leaves at 8:00 a.m.  Patches are also available for an extra $2.50 for those boys doing the wild tour.   Please talk to Angie at 745-9307 if you are at all interested.
  • that the Council Volunteer Recognition Banquet will be Tuesday, November 15th at Farragut First United Methodist Church.  This banquet is to honor the work of long-time local volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. 
  • that our December Roundtable will be a potluck dinner with local Boy Scout leaders!  This fun evening is set for Thursday, December 8th at the Allen Memorial Methodist Church fellowship hall.  You don’t want to miss this fun one!!!
  •  that the University of Scouting is scheduled for Saturday, March 4th at Pellissippi State College campus.   Please put this date on your calendar and plan to attend this information-packed council training, led by our own Leona Layman.
  •  that “Scouting for Food” dates are set for Saturdays February 4th and 11th.  This is a very worthwhile activity for all Scouts, as they collect canned food items for local food pantries.  More details will come at each Roundtable.
  •  that our local Eagle Scout and Volunteer Recognition Banquet will be Thursday, February 9th at Allen Memorial United Methodist Church, starting at 6:30 p.m.  The theme of this year’s awards banquet will be announced at the November Roundtable.    I will be asking each pack’s Cub Scouts to do their usual wonderful job of making placemats and wall decorations.  We’ll talk a lot about this at the next few Roundtables.
  •  that every Cub Scout deserves a trained leader.  Please plan to attend all essential trainings so that you will know how to do your job--better!!!  Be sure to talk to Phil Seibert (336-1925 or 336-9919), our District Training Chairman, about trainings you need. Click here to view the District Training Calendar.


Don’t forget that it is not too early to be thinking about our “BOYS AND BUGS” day camp, set for the week of June 19th – 23rd.   Leona Layman is the director of this wonderful event.  Please get this date to your parents so they can begin the necessary planning!

Hope to see all of you at the Olympics!!  This is a great way to spend a lovely fall afternoon with your family!!!  Get out your sneakers and start stretching those muscles!!  Encourage everyone to wear Cub Scout-related T-shirts!

Connie Akers



I have a great Cub Scout Halloween song for you, sung to the tune of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”:

“On the first day of Halloween, my true love gave to me:


 2nd –2 TRICK OR TREATERS                              

 3rd –3 BLACK CATS                                    

 4th—4 SKELETONS                                                








 12th—12 BATS A’FLYING



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