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                                                                                    September 9, 2010

Dear Cub Scout Leader:


            Welcome to another fantastic year in Cub Scouting!!!  We have a year's worth of exciting events planned--hope you and your Scouts will make every effort to participate in them!!!  Our very first district event of the year is our BIKE RODEO, done with the help of the ever-wonderful Optimist Club of Athens.  This hands-on learning event is set for this Saturday, September 11th at (the back of) the Athens Junior High from 8:00 to approximately 11:00 a.m.     The Bike Rodeo will be similar to the one done last year, with an inspection station, safety/riding skills program, police officer present to discuss rules of the road, and a short street ride.  Light refreshments will be served.
           Please know that several rank achievements can be completed at this event.  Also, please instruct your boys that they should bring their bikes and their helmets in order to participate.  Optimist Club members will be present to oversee all stations, but would appreciate assistance from any adults, especially at the inspection station.  If you can help that day, please let me know ASAP.

As many of you know, last fall we worked on a service project for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, specifically Cades Cove, as part of our once-in-a-lifetime chance to earn the Boy Scout 100th Anniversary Service Project patch.  The patch, shown here, could have been earned by participating in this “100 years, 100 miles” service activity.


I have been in contact with Tom Pendleton, chairman of this event, and he says that the following packs have completed all requirements:  Packs 114, 614, 177, 615, and 275.  Packs 616 and 561 need to send pictures to Thomas of the event only, and will then have completed the requirements for that phase. If you have any questions about any of this, please contact Thomas at thomastr911@yahoo.com You may order patches, depending on the number of hours spent on the service project, for $3.50 each through the Council Office.

        The district POPCORN SALE begins September 17th!   Our very own Brandi Jones of Pack 615 is Popcorn Chairman for Unaka District this year (THANKS SO MUCH, BRANDI!!!).   Each pack should select a "popcorn chairman" now to handle this fund raiser. Packets with all the pertinent information have been distributed; if you are reading this and have not yet received yours, please get in touch with Brandi at 865-414-2171 or brandi@djconline.net.   Please encourage everyone to approach all boys to see if they want to sell these items, whether or not the pack does.  A pack can make a lot of money by participating in this sale—a basic 25% of sales, with up to 35% when certain criteria are met.   In addition, each Scout can earn prizes or cash (5% of their sales), as well as a patch and a hatpin.   There is much discussion about how the boys can work toward their advancements by participating in this sale.  Be sure and talk to Brandi or Melissa about this!!!  Also, visit the website:  www.trailsend.com

Please note the following important dates:

 September 9th—Show & Sell order deadline

                  16th—Show & Sell popcorn delivered

                  17th—Popcorn Sale starts

October 2nd - 10th--BLITZ WEEK

November 3rd—FINAL popcorn order deadline

                  5th—Show & Sell money due to the council

                 11th—Popcorn Distribution Day


Please don’t forget that Brandi has reserved dates and times for sales for the Athens and Madisonville Wal-Marts. You will need to contact Brandi at 865-414-2171 or brandi@djconline.net to reserve your date. You cannot just go to the store yourself without securing a date and time!!!  However, if you have another regular location at which you sell popcorn (besides Wal-Mart!), you do not need to contact Brandi.

            The first of 3 October district events is the first-in-a-very-long-time CUB SCOUT CAMPOREE!!!  This weekend-long event will be held at Gee Creek, starting on Friday October 8th   at 5:00 p.m., and going until Sunday, October 10th.  Cost for the event is $7.00 for Cub Scouts and $5.00 for Adults and siblings.  We have received the wonderful information that all packs do not have to be BALOO trained to attend; however, untrained packs must hook up with a trained pack for the weekend—and they must indicate that they are teaming up with Pack ___ on the tour permit that is required for this event.  Also you should know that each Cub Scout should have a medical form—parts A and C (which do not require a doctor)—to be filled out and returned to you, as they have to be turned in for this camporee.

     Lots of activities are planned for the weekend, including basic outdoor skills activities (putting up tents, cooking outdoors, etc.), campfires, shooting sports, a scavenger hunt, and much, much more.  I hope you will encourage your Cub Scouts and their families to participate in this wonderful activity.  As with any Cub Scout camping activity, each Cub must be accompanied by an adult.  Siblings are welcomed, but may not participate in the planned activities.  You will need to provide your tents, food and other gear.   If you have any questions about the camporee, please contact Stan Weslowski (423-829-0651) or Deb Weslowski (829-0652).   

            The second October event is the CORN MAZE AT MAYFIELD FARMS celebrating Scouting’s 100th anniversary!!!   As you can see by the attached picture, Michael Mayfield, Eagle from Troop 118, has created a maze using our centennial as its theme.  To help Cub and Boy Scouts in the area have a second fund-raiser (after popcorn!), he is allowing Scouts to sell tickets to the Corn Maze for the cost of $8 each; troop profit will be $2.00 per ticket.   In addition, he is having SCOUT DAY AT THE MAZE on Saturday, October 16th.  Scouts will pay only $4.00 to enjoy the maze and all other Cub Scout and Boy Scout activities.  Please let me know if your pack is interested in selling tickets and I will see that you get some!!

            Finally, our third event for October is our ever-popular CUB SCOUT OLYMPICS, set for Saturday, October 30th, beginning at 12:30 p.m.  This family-oriented event is at Ingleside School in Athens.  Please remind parents and Cub Scouts that they should eat lunch before the Olympics; the hot dogs and trimmings are for late afternoon supper!  Registration, which includes paying a $1.00 fee per boy, begins at 12:00 noon, with the Olympics beginning promptly at 12:30 p.m.  Upon registration, each boy and his adult partner will be assigned a team number, which will be used for identification purposes throughout the event.

            Some basic guidelines for this event are:

l.  ONLY ONE BOY PER FATHER OR MOTHER OR 18 YEAR OLD OR OLDER SIGNIFICANT MALE OR FEMALE.  If there are 2 or 3 boys in a family, each boy must have one adult.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

2.  There will be 8 groups (one group per station), each representing a different rank, depending on the numbers of boys present from each rank.  We shall attempt to make groups equal in size as much as is possible.  Latecomers will be evenly distributed.

3.  Each Cub/Parent team must stay with their assigned group during all group activities.  Certain individual stations (such as the obstacle course) may be done individually as time allows.

4. Olympic gold medals will be presented to ALL participants.  (WE NEED EVERYONE TO DONATE FROZEN JUICE LIDS OR USED CANNING LIDS ASAP IN ORDER FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!!  Ask your parents for help with this!! I NEED THESE BY OUR NEXT ROUNDTABLE ON OCTOBER 14th) First, second, and third place Olympic medals will be presented for each rank of each activity.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 winners of each rank, as well as the top 3 overall.  The one dollar fee is to pay for all these awards, and should be remitted either before or the day of the Olympics PLEASE.

5.  Every boy should wear a Cub Scout T-shirt of some kind, not necessarily his uniform, and bring a poncho in case of rain.

 6.  EVERYONE HAVE FUN!!  We can teach our boys valuable lessons in sportsmanship with a positive attitude throughout this event.

            The different activity stations and their assigned packs are:

            1.  Scouting Skills Contest (Pack 614)         5.  Penny Toss (Pack 177)

2.  Potato Relay (Pack 116)                          6.  Wheelbarrow Race

3.  Timed Obstacle Course (Pack 616)        7.  Gorilla Relay

            4.  Shooting Sports                                        8.  Ladder Golf (possibly Pack 74)

***Please know that you do not have to do one of these; you may have a better idea!!***

Two additional stations will be:

            9.  Registration                                  10.  Food preparation/Serving

I MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE AT EACH ACTIVITY STATION.  Each pack should provide the necessary staff and materials for their activity.   I will assist you in every way possible if you will let me know that you need help!  Stations should be set up and ready for play no later than 12:00 noon.  Persons working registration should be present no later than 11:45 a.m.

            After all the preliminaries, there will be play-offs at each station for each rank, and for overall standings.  When all competition is completed, we will have a family hot dog supper.  Thanks to Gary Imlay for supplying the grill for the Olympics!!!  We are asking the Order of the Arrow to do our cooking that day, but may need help there.   Each pack is responsible for providing enough hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips, cookies, drinks, ICE WATER, cups, plates, napkins and garbage bags for their numbers.   PLEASE BRING AT LEAST DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF CUPS YOU NEED.  These items will be pooled together at mealtime, and the pack or Boy Scouts responsible for food preparation will set up the food and cook the hot dogs.  I would suggest that you have every family bring a 2-liter drink, every other family a pack of hot dogs or hot dog buns, etc.  Each pack is also asked to bring a large cooler of ice (not a bag of ice!!) in addition to their cooler of ice water. 

            Medals and trophies will be awarded at the day's end!!  Please let your people know that this is a very long event lasting several hours.  Please plan to stay the entire time and remember that CLEAN-UP IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY!!!  Please let your parents and boys know about this event and encourage their participation.  This is a really fun event, and one of the most popular of the entire year. Also don’t forget to call our INFOLINE number (745-3100, ext. 2470) in case of inclement or questionable weather!! 

Coming up pretty fast will be our November event, our CUB SCOUT BOWLING DAY set for Saturday, November 20th.  Dotty Herd and Pack 561, from Ten Mile, are in charge of this fun event.  They did a fantastic job last year, and I’m sure we are in for a repeat!!!  This much-loved event is at Classic Lanes in Athens from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  The cost is $4.00 per person, which includes shoe rentals.  Please note that ONLY CUB SCOUTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BOWL THIS YEAR.  We had such a huge turnout last year, and with adults and siblings bowling it was just too much.

            I need to let you know:

--that our next Roundtable will be Thursday, October 14th at 7:00 p.m. at Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.  Please plan to attend these very informative and helpful sessions.  (AND PLEASE BRING YOUR JUICE CAN LIDS/CANNING LIDS TO THIS MEETING!!!)    Christy Seibert is our wonderful Roundtable Commissioner (THANKS, CHRISTY!!!), and we look forward to her usual energetic and wonderful job!!! 

--that UNAKA UNIVERSITY, a training super day, is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th, from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Registration 8:00 – 8:45, Opening 8:45; classes start at 9:00 a.m.) at a cost of only $10, which includes the cost of lunch as well as all trainings. Phil Seibert, our District Training Chairman, wants me to remind you that you must complete Youth Protection Guidelines (on-line or video), New Leader Essentials, and Rank-Specific Training to be considered fully trained.    You also MUST CALL AND SIGN UP with Phil or Melissa for this training, preferably by September 18th

          There is a list of available classes on the website (unakascouts.com).   Please wear your uniform and come with a smile and an open mind!!  Old and new leaders would benefit from these practical sessions, particularly involving the new Cub Scout program!!  Let’s make this another great day for Unaka!!! 

--that Friday, October 1st – Sunday, October 3rd are the dates for the Boy Scout Fall Camporee at the East Tennessee Tree Nursery near the entrance to Gee Creek.  Some Webelos might be interested in observing what a camporee is all about.  Check with the Scoutmaster of one of the troops for further details.

--that Friday, October 1st  – Sunday, the 3rd  are the dates for another corn maze:  Scout Maze Weekend at the Ocoee River Maze.  The cost is $6.00 for all Cub Scouts (ages 4 – 12) and $7.00 for adults (13 and older), and includes the maze,  bonfire, farm animals petting zoo, the Goat Walk, cow train ride,  and more.  If a Scout or adults brings a canned food item with that fee, they will get an extra cow train ride or corn cannon shot.   A group of 15 or more gets in for $5.50 each, with one free Scout Leader for each 15 boys.   Scouts will also receive a patch for attending that day!!!  Packs are allowed to bring their own lunch and have a pack-sized picnic, so you could plan to make it a full day! 

      Additional events are available for a fee, such as hay rides for the children.  For more information, visit www.therivermaze.com.or call Dianne Fetzer at 338-8314.

--that Day Camp was a wonderful experience for about 30 little Cub Scouts in Athens and Twilight Camp for 45 boys in Madisonville!!!   WAY TO GO!!!!    Be thinking now about next year’s camp and how you can help!!!

--that is looks like we will be having our Lock-In at the Athens YMCA again this year!!!   The tentative date is Friday, January 21st from 10:00 p.m. To 6:00 a.m. Let's be sure to promote this special event

--that I will be doing a monthly newsletter for Cubmasters, Den Leaders, and their assistants (and whoever else wants them!) to help keep you informed of upcoming district events.  If you are interested in receiving these letters, I will be emailing them to everyone who provides me with their email address after each Roundtable (in case there are corrections or additions made at that meeting), or any time that you email and request it.  These letters will also be posted on our district website that can be found at www.unakascouts.comPer our agreement at the last gathering, all leaders agree to send these letters on to all their parents, so that parents can stay informed about upcoming events, as well as the leaders.    Please call or email me one week before the Roundtable if you would like something of interest to Scouters added to this newsletter!!

--that segments will be available again this year at a cost of 35c apiece.  The Bike Rodeo, Skate Night and Olympics segments will be available for purchase the day of the events.  These segments are meant to represent district events’ participation, and are used around our beautiful boy-designed district patch.    

--that Jim McCutcheon and Robert Randolph are doing a wonderful job as our head District Commissioners!!!   I have asked them for a list of the pack commissioners for this year, and am pleased to include the following information (which is still being worked out and subject to change).  If you have not been contacted by your commissioner, please take the time to contact them yourselves.  They are your “go to person” for lots of helpful information and answers to your questions about Cub Scouting.  Please utilize them!!!

Packs 74 & 410           Christy Seibert        423-336-1925 email  hobbymaker@aol.com

Pack 100 & 116           Shelley Calhoun

Pack 114                      Either Jim McCutcheon or Robert Randolph

Pack 115, 561 & 614   Connie Akers        423-746-9132  email  connieakers@hotmail.com

Pack 117                      Charlie Coffey       423-8874344   email  coff5196@hotmail.com

Pack 177                      Jim McCutcheon   423-745-7032  email  madojabe@comcast.net       

Pack 275                     Chase Hensley       423-8361449   email  chensle6@gmail.com

Pack 615                      Joanne Ewing        423-334-5344

Pack 616 & 617           Jim McCutcheon or Robert Randolph 

LDS Commissioner to be named

            Hope to see all of you at our upcoming events!!  Let's work hard to make this one fantastic year for our children!!! 

Connie Akers  


Key Contacts: District Executive | District Chairman | District Commissioner | Webmaster

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