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Unaka District Training Courses



On-Line Courses

Fast Start Training

When new leaders join Scouting, it is essential that they receive immediate information that will help them get started and lay the groundwork for success in their leadership roles. This will help new leaders to understand what is expected and to establish effective meeting patterns so that the boys and their families can enjoy a quality program.

Fast Start training is a short video-based training program designed to fulfill this need.  It is also available as an on-line tutorial.  It should be completed within 48 hours of when a new leader accepts the position. While a new leader can view the tape or complete the tutorial alone, it may be helpful for a knowledgeable Scouter from the Troop or Pack to view the tape or tutorial with him or her to establish personal contact and answer any questions.

The Boy Scout online version is available at: http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/faststart/

The Cub Scout online version is available at: http://www.scouting.org/cubscouts/faststart/


Youth Protection Training


Youth Protection Training is a thorough review of BSA Youth Protection Policies.  Completion of Youth Protection training is a requirement for all awards in the Cub Scout leader recognition plan.  Every adult leader in Scouting should review the Youth Protection training at least every 2 years. 


Who Should Complete: All Adult Leaders in Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs.


Cost:  None


Youth Protection training is available on-line ( Click here ) and in a DVD version from the District Training Committee ( Phil Seibert  - Phone: 423/336-9919 )



Troop Committee Member Challenge


Troop Committee Member Challenge has been developed to help troop committee members understand their roles and responsibilities in supporting the troop. 


Who Should Complete:  All Troop Committee Members, Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters


Cost: None


This course is now available on line.  Visit the Online Learning Center.  http://www.olc.scouting.org .



Safety Afloat & Safe Swim Defense

The number of serious injuries and fatalities in water-related activities is small compared to the number of Scouting Activities each year.  But even one serious injury or life lost is too many.  To prevent aquatics accidents, we must all know and follow Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat guidelines when our scouts are engaged in water activities.

Who Should Complete: All Adult Leaders in Boy Scout Troops or Cub Scout Packs that include aquatics activities in the programs.

Click here to complete one or both of these courses.




Council Sponsored Courses


University Of Scouting



Wood Badge for the 21st Century



Contact Jeff Bays at the council office at (865) 588-6514 to register or the Unaka District Training Chair (Phil Seibert 423-336-1925) for more information. 


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