Unaka District

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Unaka District Information

Website:  http://www.unakascouts.org

  • Our Unaka Scout District covers Meigs, McMinn and Monroe counties

  • Monthly Roundtable meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday in Athens at Mars Hill Presbyterian Church

What does Unaka (uh-NAY-ka) Mean?

The "Unaka" originally came from the Indian tribal name of "Unaka." The actual word means "white, hazy, fog draped" and is a corruption of the Indian word "uneka" which simply meant "white." The Unicoi (or Unaka) Mountains lie between the old Indian towns of Cowee and Old Chota and are today simply known as the Unicoi Mountains.

The Unaka Range is a southern mountain range of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. It follows the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, and contains the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Unaka Range has many peaks over 4,000 feet and a few over 6,000 feet.

Where are we geographically within the Great Smoky Mountain Council? The Great Smoky Mountain Council is divided among 10 districts that make up 21 counties. 


Key Contacts: District Executive | District Chairman | District Commissioner | Webmaster

Last modified: 09/19/13